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Hallett Newman - Goler Wash

This is from email the webmaster received in early January, 2003:

I was search web sites particular to Goler Canyon and found you on page 9 of my Google search. What caught my eye was the trip report by John Page. There is a picture on that page of a couple, Linda and David Moreno, standing in front of the Newman Cabin. I have several pix of the cabin, one I'd like to e-mail you [circa 1937] is of my grandmother, Mary Newman and Wm. {Billy} Hyder.

Wm. Hyder Mary Newman  kitten Nov2 small

That was Cousin Will's cabin, he lived there and at Ballarat for many years and was a prospector out there. I also have a pic of a brand new 1937 Pontiac driving down the canyon.

If you would like I'll send them and you can share them with your club. BTW, my brother and I still hold the mining claim that the cabin sits on. We very much appreciate the good people, such as your club, that use and take care of it. It probably wouldn't be here today with out the good work of people like y'all. Later,

Hallett Newman

Hallett [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Later, on January 7, the webmaster received this email and attachments:

Here's a few more pix from Goler. Hopefully they will show up in the order I post them.

In the first one you see a view of the cabin taken from the S/E side of the canyon. Hopefully you'll be able to see a 1937 Pontiac {a new one} and parked next to it is a 1927 Chevy four door.

The second pic taken from the other side of the canyon also shows the Pontiac and the rear end of the Chevy. You might also note a tent cabin. It's sitting where the, current, concrete slab is. The slab wasn't poured until 1966. If you look carefully on the corner of it nearest the front of the cabin, you will note it was OK'ed by the Goler Building Inspector.

Next pic is me, about 1966 [senior in HS] taken at Sourdough Springs. Yes the So. Cal. Auto Club did in fact put that sign up. Was there for years till some alpha hotel ripped it off.

The next pix is my dad's first Jeep. A 1950 p/u with a 4 cyl "L" head engine. Not fast, 55 tops, but it would go anywhere you had the fortitude to drive it. The pic was taken right near the cut off to Meyers/Barker ranches. Again a AAA road sign.


The last two are pix negotiating the falls at the mouth of the canyon.