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2023 Trip Report - Eclipse and Fall Color Trip

Eclipse and Fall Color Trip

By Joeso

We saw it all! We checked off everything on our trip to-do list. The Fall color was awesome and we found good campsites including an isolated spot on the total eclipse line. And yes, the eclipse was so worth it. We got to see a perfect “ring of fire.”

There seemed to be Fall color everywhere: flame red, vivid yellow, orange and gold! It was really awesome on the Shoal Creek Road in Utah, the Blue Mass area of Nevada and the east side of Kalamazoo Pass in Nevada.

Wild horses frequently complemented the scenery. A black stallion with attitude seemed to be in charge of one large herd of well over 20 galloping horses.

We encountered the nicest people. In Enterprise, Utah, a store clerk recommended a local deli where we indulged in some really good breakfast sandwiches. At Gandy Hot Spring the young folks already camped there were more than willing to make room for us. At Blue Mass a cowboy allowed us to explore the site of his family’s historic ranch house. At Tungstonia, Nevada, a local family saw our campfire and stayed on a distant bluff so as not to bother us during the eclipse. Fortunately we got to meet them on our way out. Really friendly folks.

After the blistering heat of summer the cold nights were the first of the season for us. Thankfully we were able to enjoy a warming campfire every night. Thanks to Ron, Mignon, Vicki and Sue for our wonderful meals. ~Joeso


Blue Mass NV
Dixie Creek cabins NV
Spring Valley NV
Eclipse glasses
Old Spanish Trail UT
Kalamazoo Pass NV
Vickis photo
Utah Sinkhole with 3 on top
Shoal Creek Road encounter
Old ranch in Blue Mass NV
near Emigrant Spring NV
Fish Spring Mtns from Blue Mass
Etna Mine UT
Enterprise Dam UT built 1890s
Eclipse Eve - Tungstonia NV
Dixie Creek NV
Dixie Canyon cabins NV
Succcess Canyon cabin NV
Dixie NV
Gandy Warm Spring UT