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2022 Trip Report - Goffs Trip

Goffs Trip

by Mignon Slentz

In the previous DE newsletter I wrote a little about the history of Goffs which is located on Route 66 about 30 miles west of Needles along the railroad tracks.

Saturday morning eight of us spent a couple of hours there visiting the Schoolhouse museum, exhibit hall, stamp mills, cemetary and other sites on the property. Participants were Norma and Danny Siler, Janet and Pete Austin, Jeff and Danetty Hayden, Beth Mika, amd two of my friends from Boulder City who were camping there, Lori and Denzel Mooney.

An Archeologist told the group about a project he was involved in that was studying black homesteaders in the early 1900s in Lanfair Valley and showed us artifacts he had collected.

Janet Austin stamp mill image