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Desert Explorers Rendezvoused!

Desert Explorers Rendezvoused!

Photos: Ingo Werk and Jay Lawrence

If you were lucky enough to be one of the attendees at our 2022 Rendezvous, there is little doubt you had a terrific time. If you missed it, try not to make that mistake in the future. It was great!

Excellent company, killer food, first class trips, tours and an exceptional headquarters venue, “Rancho Joeso” on the Colorado River. You can read more about it in Marian Johns’ Chairwoman’s Corner article on page 8. Trust me, it was even better in person.

A huge thank you to all the leaders and participants of this year’s event, with an extra large round of applause to Debbie Miller Marschke who put on an outstanding first-person performance as Olivia Oatman at our Saturday night dinner, and Bob and Sue Jaussaud, who not only led the Rondy planning but also made their place in the sun available to us for our Friday night pot luck dinner as well as hosting our meeting and radio class on Sunday! ~ Jay


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