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2022 Trip Report - Cottonwood Cove Trip

Cottonwood Cove Trip

Trip Report by Dave Burdick

Photos by Weston

Soon after Christmas my grandson, Weston, and I took off for our annual trip to Cottonwood Cove to do some 4 Wheeling. On the way we made a stop for a quick tour of Downtown Daggett.

On the following day we decided on a trip to the North of Lake Mead to Lovel Wash and Borax Smith's Anniversary Mine which put him back in the Borax business. After parking above Lovel Creek we hiked into the creek bottom and up the canyon we were able to see and explore the mine adits. Not recommended. As we continued up the canyon you could see an amazing amound of strata lifted in beautiful formations, then into a narrow S shape slot canyon.

Next day we headed out to the Newberry Mountains, a totally different direction and terrain. 

After winding up a sandy wash we came to some petroglyphs, then had some good 4 wheeling down an unmarked trail to find Tip Top Well and Mammoth Mine. Found the well, but drove by the trail to the mine three times. We'll find it next time.

On the next morning we had a beautiful sunny day at the lake. We headed up towards the Viceroy Nine (Hart). The purpose being to explore trails we had not been on. As we came to Lanfair Valley dense clouds and fog covered us making VFR navigation impossible. We changed our plans and went by the OX Ranch and Big Wind Mill. Then headed over to Maud and Bert Sharp's homestead - no one home.

For our last trip of the year we were lucky and got reservations for the Mitchell Caverns tour. After some sprinkles, the sun came out as we approached the cavern. I had been in the cavern years ago but forgotton how spectacular / magnificent they are. Great Tour.

Happy New Year. ~ Dave

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