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The Passing of Thanksgiving 2021

The Passing of Thanksgiving 2021

by Joeso

It was over all too soon. The good eats, the desert adventures, the wonderful camaraderie. After all the planning and preparation it is sad to realize that another Thanksgiving has passed us by so quickly. I wish it could have lasted longer… I seem to be wishing that a lot lately. Could age have something to do with it?

Anyway, the Desert Explorer “Thanksgiving on the River” revival was a huge amount of good old time fun with just a small group. After all the Covid scares and family emergencies, there were only eight of us left around the Thanksgiving Table. Even so, we managed to eat enough to account for a much larger group. Those seated at the table included Mignon, Vicki, Glenn and the Werk family, Ingo, Mary and Cory, plus Sue and I.

Louisiana Ingo and son Cory were anxious to see as much of the desert as we could, so on Thanksgiving morning we headed out and found some abandoned sections of Old Route 66, some hidden petroglyphs and some WWII insignias at Camp Ibis.

On Black Friday we coffeed up before bouncing our Tacomas plus one over Monumental Pass in the Sacra-mento Mountains. Along the way Ingo was able to water his two dogs during our stops at the old mining camps of Cherokee, Lima, Vega, Hill Top and what we have dubbed the “Old Car Mine.”

On Saturday we took the day off from exploring and instead stretched our legs collecting treasures from the thrift stores in Needles and river rocks from the ancient deposits near the town of Golden Shores.

And… every evening (and morning, and lunch) we ate like there was no tomorrow. Many thanks to all for their meal contributions, especially Sue, Mignon and Vicki. They were truly the spark plugs that made it happen. ~ Joeso