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2021 Trip Report - Titus Canyon Geology Tour

Titus Canyon Geology Tour

By trip leader Bill Neill

Photos by Bill Neill, Janet Austin and Ingo Werk

On Saturday, Oct. 23, during the Rendezvous at Pahrump, our caravan of 11 vehicles first drove about 60 miles northward on pavement, through Amargosa Valley and Beatty, then westward past old mining camps of Rhyolite and Bullfrog.  Our destination was the 26-mile, one-way dirt road across the Grapevine Mountains and down Titus Canyon into Death Valley.  At the outset I handed out photocopies of a geology road guide, ten pages from a 2007 paperback, Geology of Death Valley, by Marli Miller and Lauren Wright.  But our main interest during this trip was viewing the impressive scenery; so for this report, I’ll just show photos without geology comments.  ~ Bill