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2021 Trip Report - 2021 Pahrump, Nevada Rendezvous

Trip Notes

2021 Pahrump, Nevada Rendezvous

By Jean Hansen

 Friday, October 22, 2021: We met Bob & Sue Jaussaud and their whole group at Halloran Springs Road for the rendezvous inbound trip. The weather for this outing was absolutely beautiful! This meeting area happened to also be near a petroglyph site named:

  • Halloran Springs rock art site: This is a small, but nice petroglyph site consisting of archaic style petroglyphs. We all viewed the petroglyphs and then proceeded on to:
  • Halloran Springs: This was an old Route 66 watering hole and we found it quite interesting to see the remains of the original well. From here we continued on to:
  • Turquoise Mountain: An old turquoise mine which is now a large complex of cell repeater towers. The view from the top of this hill was spectacular!
  • From here, Bob & Sue led us on an old (year 1910) road which originally went from Silver Lakes, California to Goodsprings, Nevada. Bob told us that this road was part of the Heritage Trail. It was a beautiful drive and we enjoyed it very much. It went through some very scenic areas. Along this road, we stopped at a water hole which was fenced, presumably to keep out the burro population.
  • We arrived at Kelly Airfield, which now has a corral and stock tank. We all fanned out, looking for the original airfield. I’m not sure if we found it or not, but it was fun looking for it. Then Bob & Sue led us to:
    • Ripley Cemetery: A very nice, well-kept local cemetery. It was very interesting to walk among the gravestones – a bit of history here. From here, we proceeded to:
    • Goodsprings, Nevada – the Pioneer Saloon. This is a historic saloon. We didn’t go in on this particular day, due to time constraints, but Sunny & I have been in there before. It has a very unique pressed tin ceiling, a wonderful old bar and a great atmosphere.
    • Then we took the scenic drive to Pahrump, ending atthe site of the rendezvous, the Wine Ridge RV Resort. Very posh! We had a great happy hour and potluck with old friends.

    Sunday, October 24, 2021: We all gathered in the Wine Ridge clubhouse for a short Desert Explorers meeting (and donuts). Then we left and went back out to the Johnnie Mine and Mount Schrader again, this time with Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Mignon Slentz, Glenn Shaw and Ron Lipari. We basically did a repeat of yesterday’s trip and after viewing the petroglyphs and the mine, we all parted ways. It was a very nice rendezvous and Sunny & I enjoyed it.   ~ Jean