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2021 Trip Report - Jeep Safari in Moab

Jeep Safari in Moab

By Dave Burdick

Three years ago I wrote about the Red Rock 4-Wheelers (RR4W) Jeep Safari in Moab. Well we’re back again, third time. We’ve found that there is so much more to see so we added a couple of more days going on our own lonesome.

Day 1  We arrived sooner than expected in the area and went exploring for an old mining town  called Sego, North of Thompson Springs. Went up a beautiful canyon along an abandoned railroad grade to what’s left of an old hotel, cemetery and mine site.

Next we journeyed east on Interstate 70 and cut off towards the Colorado river and the old Dewey Suspension Bridge to Entrada Bluffs Road to Top of the World trail. Not recommended for stock SUVs. As the road goes upward you encounter steeper and larger ledges as you climb. Almost there, within a mile of the summit and the best view in Moab we stopped. Good judgement won out?

Back on pavement driving along the river to Onion Creek / Fisher Towers we had a very enjoyable and scenic drive up the canyon along the creek which we crossed about thirty times. Two wheel drive high clearance.

Day 2 We started off again on our own to Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners – a fun, easy trip. Starting at MacDonald’s in town along Kane Creek Road along the Colorado River climbing up to Hurrah Pass looking back down at the river. Down the pass 12 miles through interesting four wheeling to see the river about 450 feet below, straight down. Make a left, (the passenger should not look down), then two miles to the walking trail and view of river and Thelma and Louise Point.

Day 3 With the RR4W Labor Day Safari. After a big breakfast then off to Day Canyon. During the driver’s meeting we learned that the road was closed due to a wash out. Scouts went ahead and reported back that good 4-wheelers could get through. After a long rough scenic climb came a commanding view, lunch and back. An OK trip... but forgettable. Good barbecue.      

Day 4 Red Rock 4-Wheelers. I was able to trade my ticket for a boring trail for a more difficult one with the Big Kids called Tiptoe Behind the Rocks, 33 miles of rock stacking, ledge climbing, and white knuckle descending obstacles. After a short conversation with trail officials about tire size and skills, we were off. The first obstacle was off-camber ruts. One of the drivers who did not pay attention went on his side, easy fix, let’s git going. Next stop for a look at High Dive Canyon,   NO THANK YOU.

After several ledge and rock climbs (Fun!), the best advice came from the old trip leader “Boys, go slow and easy and let the Jeep do what it was designed to do.” The next obstacle to come was a descent – White Knuckles – everyone made it through. A fun trip. No scratches or scrapes. The Best.

Day 5 With the Red Rocks 4-Wheelers on Secret Spire Trail. It was an easy trail with a variety of terrains, a few ledges, some  slick rock, soft sand and interesting drops.

After airing down we started on a well graded road as we headed towards the Green River and Spring Canyon . We spent our lunch break hiking over to the Secret Spire and some other rock formations. It was hard to put its size into perspective. Then on to the  Dellenbaugh Tunnel and a scenic trail down Spring Canyon. Then good 4- wheeling back to Moab and the long trip home.  ~ Dave