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2021 - Trip Reports - Piute Mountain Trip by the Numbers

Piute Mountain Trip

by the Numbers

By Marian Johns

Photos by Ed Jack and Allan Wicker

So, let’s start off with a high number and work our way down to zero.

8,000 – feet; the approximate elevation on Piute Mountain where we camped Saturday night.

38 – degrees temperature at our camp site Sunday morning. Wow, was it cold!

11 – participants – who were: leader, Marian Johns; co-leader, Doc (Dave) Hess; Dave Burdick; Nelson Miller; Allan Wicker; Dave Nichols; Devi Farmer; Danny & Norma Siler; Pat Nelson; Ed Jack.

9 vehicles

9 frozen Saturday night campers – It was so cold we all tottered off to bed at 7:00 p.m. and didn’t get up until 7:00 a.m. That’s way too long to be in bed. Danny and Norma wisely had motel reservations down in Kernville.

4 potluck potato salads – we all had a good laugh when it was discovered that four people had brought potato salads. The only other potluck dish was baked beans. (There were also several snack-type contributions.)

4 Toyotas – belonging to Nelson Miller, Doc Hess & Dave Nichols & Marian Johns

3 Daves – Dave Hess; Dave Burdick; Dave Nichols

3 well-behaved dogs – belonging to Dave N., Devi, and Ed Jack

3 Ladies – Norma Siler, Devi Farmer & Marian Johns

3 Jeeps – belonging to Ed Jack, Dave Burdick & Danny and Norma Siler

2 Nelsons – Nelson Miller & Pat Nelson

2 miscellaneous vehicles belonging to Pat Nelson (Ram), Allan Wicker (Nissan)

2 photographers – Allan Wicker & Ed Jack

2 steep roads – one up Piute Mt. and one down; the one down has the best views which are spectacular.

1 Englishman – Pat Nelson hails from London.

1 archaeologist – Dave Nichols, archaeologist, works for the Mojave National Preserve.

1 doctor (retired) Dave Hess

1 professor (retired) – Allan Wicker

1 neat old abandoned rock cabin

1 old abandoned mine mill with cement walls that are covered with graffiti – some of it rather artistic

1 beautiful canyon – Caliente Canyon has a running creek that supports lush cottonwoods and lots of watercress.

0 trains on the Tehachapi Loop. We waited an hour and then gave up when no trains were in sight or hearing distance.

0 campfires - Not only was it miserably cold Saturday night, it was so breezy we couldn’t have a campfire to warm us up. ~ Marian