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2020 - Trip Reports - Scorpio's Last Outing

Scorpios Last Outing (for a while)

by Anne Stoll

Being a native Scorpio by birth, I (like others of my kind) really must get out to the desert now and then to recharge. We went for the weekend of Nov. 6-8, 2020 back to the Shoshone-Tecopa area (Inyo County) and it was cold, windy and even a tiny bit wet – but what is more glorious than the desert when wet? We hiked and soaked and enjoyed it as always.

Here’s the local scoop for whenever it becomes possible to visit again: The Shoshone Inn is open and as nice as ever. At the Shoshone RV Park there are two fine well-equipped trailers for rent as well as spaces, 33 full hookups, a little rec room/library and the sparkling clean warm pool as always. The voles are soon to be reintroduced and the Pupfish Ponds Trail is a delight with new improvements.

The Museum is open too and currently has a fine hand-made quilt up for a fundraising raffle. The Crowbar (the only prepared food in Shoshone), however has shortened its hours to 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. because they only have enough staff for one shift. If you sleep late, breakfast there is as good as ever. But for early risers, there’s a new bakery in Tecopa, Wild Wheat, that opens early. Everyone was raving about their cinnamon buns with date jam filling so we had to try them --YUM! They have little quiches, sandwiches and other goodies too. This is the two month-old brainchild of a young couple who recently moved from Pahrump to Tecopa Hot Springs. You get your food to go and sit outside on the porch. Wild Wheat is next door to the brewery and the remarkable Steaks and Beer restaurant, all in a row in Tecopa. We had a memorable meal at Steaks and Beer that almost lived up to the rave reviews. Finally on the food front, we tried the Bistro in Tecopa Hot Springs. One big table inside that could seat a max of six --but the best deal was getting their tasty Pasta Carbonara take-out. The live music is shut down, alas.

I must close with news of day-trippin’ at the hot water in Tecopa Hot Springs. We’ve been soaking in that hot mineral water there for over 30 years and have watched the various “resorts” blossom, fade and bloom again like desert wildflowers in season. Tecopa Hot Spring Resort (in front of the Bistro) is hanging on but no longer permits day-bathers 

– overnight guests only. For lack of staff, we were told. Delight’s Hot Spa, our long-time favorite in Tecopa Hot Springs, has finally finished us off for day-bathing. Maybe that was their plan all along. It’s permitted but on weekends it’s $30 per person for half an hour and we had to pay $6 each for scratchy paper-thin towels! They have a big new outdoor pool and 4 outdoor hot tubs (not for us since we don’t like to wear swimsuits) and we think the new set-up is pulling a lot of the hot water. By the time we got into one of the private pools, the water was only warm and not clean. Things will have to change big-time for us to go back.

Ah well, so it goes, eh? It was a great weekend. Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Here are some photos from Shoshone area.   ~ Anne