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2020 - Trip Reports - Cerro Gordo Report

Cerro Gordo Report

by Claudia Heller, from her blog at

Black and white photos by Holiday Heller

The road up to the mine is an experience in itself. And Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) has a long and colorful history. It is located on the western slope of the Inyo Mountains.

Along the precipitous road up the mountain a cable with buckets indicates how silver was lowered down the mountain. It is said the few town residents would use them to get groceries.

In previous time the last few hundred feet would offer a view of the famous American Hotel which burned down in June 2020. A few artifacts were salvaged. The owner plans to rebuild this relic and funds are being donated.

To raise money to rebuild this historical ghost town, the owner has been offering tours.   ~ Claudia