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2020 - Trip Report - Not Finding the Ludlow Cave

Not Finding the Ludlow Cave

by Steve Mersman

I went looking for the Ludlow Cave a couple weeks ago also known as the “Two Ravens Cave.” We left early Saturday morning had breakfast at the Ludlow Cafe outside due to the current circumstances. We headed south over the railroad tracks past the cemetery and come across a new chain across the road going to the Bagdad-Chase mine – maybe some new interests have moved in. We hiked in a ways but no luck. I think it may be more east of where we were looking. Anyway we turned around and followed the gas line road towards Lavic Dry Lake, camped for the evening and I picked up some cool specimens of jasper and some agate for my polisher. Next morning we cooked breakfast, packed up and came home. Short trip but I always wanted to explore that side of the freeway. You have to keep an eye out for the military boundaries. It’s fun though, watching tanks and military maneuvers out in the distance. ~ Steve