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2020 - Trip Report - Desert Explorers At Large

Afton Canyon Water Crossing

The deep water crossing in Afton Canyon on the Mojave Road has been mostly filled in. We drove it on October 28 and the water level is 4”- 5” deep. There is a stockpile of rock near the repair indicating to me that the “fix” may be maintained. ~ John Marnell

Fire at Cerro Gordo

From The historic American Hotel, built in 1871, the Crapo House and the Ice House at Cerro Gordo burned down in what is thought to have been an electrical fire in an early morning fire on Monday, June 15, 2020. No injuries were reported, and the rest of the town is intact. Photo shows Alan and daughter Holiday at the mine site  ~ Alan Heller

Feline Visitor at the Stoll’s

Lookie who came to visit just about dusk on our back wall, looking hot and thirsty. Hope it found the water. We wonder if the heat or the fire or both brought it down. ~ Anne Stoll

Mr. Cool, Charlie Dupree

This is Charlie.  He is six years old and is a Tonkinese. He does high fives, hands up, and uses a toilet. He knows his name and several other words such as “wanna go for a walk?”,“Wanna fishie snack?” and “Wanna snack?”  ~ Jerry & Dolly Dupree


Craig Baker was wandering around

the Death Valley area and came home with some new photos and stories.

You’ll have to chase him down for the stories, but here are his photos.