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2020 - Trip Report -Mal, Mignon and Joaquin Slentz

Mal, Mignon  and Joaquin Utah Trip

by Mignon Slentz

 Mal Roode, Mignon and Joaquin Slentz made up our small group that journeyed to northeast Utah. We saw rock art, waterways and historic ranches. The weather was perfect, fall colors were showing and we camped under the full moon.

Starvation Reservoir is a sprawling body of water four miles northwest of Duchesne. We had the place ourselves and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately the area was littered.

The McConkie Ranch, located in Dry Fork Canyon, northwest of Vernal was our next stop. These petroglyphs are world renown and show trapezoidal body shapes. The trails take you up to view nine foot tall figures. This is on private land and a five dollar group donation is appreciated.

I was really looking forward to showing off the Swett Ranch but the buildings were closed for the season. Mal was still able to capture a cabin’s interior through the window.

Next to an old dugout is a plaque that says Butch Cassidy and his gang used it for a hideout. The next morning we crossed over the Green River on an old suspension bridge and enjoyed the scenery through Crouse Canyon.

Later we entered Nine Mile Road and proceeded into the canyon. Nine Mile Canyon is famous for its well preserved rock art. “The Great Hunt” panel is world famous and includes at least 30 bighorn sheep and eight anthropomorphs that have been interpreted as a communal hunt.

We camped at the ranch on grass under shaded trees and were allowed to have a campfire. The three dollar hot showers were wonderful. There are also cabins for rent.

Our last night we camped in the yard of a friend near Panguitch and I made grilled cheese sandwiches 

We honestly needed a couple more days to see everything. Mal took most of the photos! ~ Mignon