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2020 - Trip Report - Tired of Wishing for the Good Old Days

Tired of wishing for the good old days

by Marian Johns

I’m so pissed I’m tempted to have a hissy fit. These are supposed to be my golden years, but instead I’ve been “locked down” for the last six months and it looks like this situation is not going to end real soon.

I am so tired of this Covid-19 business; tired of wearing a mask; tired of social distancing.

I’m tired of the rioting and looting, the burning of businesses and the intimidation created by “peaceful demonstrators.”

I’m tired of my empty social calendar - although I have seen my kids and grandkids several times in the last six months.

I’m tired of sitting home because there are no D.E. trips and no D.E. meetings.

I’m tired of no community events to attend – no community meetings, no potluck, 

dinners, no senior dinners, no book and bake sales and no flea market.

In a way I’m tired of missing Neal. On the other hand, I don’t really think I ever want to stop missing him. Which reminds me – I’ve been cleaning out closets and the attic and I found a big box of Neal’s old receipts, bank statements, investment statements and all sorts of other stuff dating back to 1970!

I also found his gun, a 9mm Heckler-Koch and a box of ammo. I have signed up for a gun safety class. I need to learn how to properly handle and fire it because...

when I found it and figured out how to remove the loaded clip, I didn’t know about the remaining bullet that was still chambered. So stupid me, thinking it was unloaded, I squeezed the safety and then the trigger. BOOM!!!

I “killed” the big flashlight standing on the kitchen counter. Then, when I finally gathered my wits, I had the chore of cleaning up the battery “juice” all over the floor.

It’s kind of funny now but at the time I was appalled! Did I just do what I think I did? That was a very sobering experience.

And that’s why I’m going to take that gun safety class. ~ Marian