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2020 - Trip Report -Anza Borrego and More

Anza Borrego and More

By Marian Johns

A few weeks ago I went camping with son, David and his two kids despite the stay at home advisory. We didn’t socialize with anyone so we felt safe enough. We spent four days having a fine time.

We took my “new” Tacoma and David’s 4Runner and headed down to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park where we first checked out Seventeen Palms. The kids had great fun playing in the mud along the shore of Clark Dry Lake; it obviously wasn’t dry at all. They also had fun throwing rocks in Coyote Creek and even tried playing baseball with rocks and a stick. They also marveled at the Pumpkin Patch and Giant Scorpion and Giant Cricket and the Giant Sand Dragon near Borrego Springs. Didn’t see many wildflowers but the ocotillo were in their prime.

Next we went to see the mud pots near the southern end of the Salton Sea. I had recently gone on Bob Jacoby and Bill Neill’s DE trip there and I thought the kids would like to see them too.

When we tried to take the Box Canyon road up to I-10 and the Joshua Tree National Park southern entrance it was blocked with multiple closed signs. So instead we drove up Berdoo Canyon. There used to be a paved road there, but it’s mostly gone now and the drive up the canyon is pretty rough, but we did find a nice spot to camp that night on a short section of the old paved road.

The next morning we tried to continue on up the canyon but soon came to a locked gate at the park boundary. Turns out Joshua Tree National Park was totally closed, so we spent an hour poking around the remains of an old mine and then headed for home.     ~ Marian