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2020 - Trip Report - Spring Break

Spring Break

by Dave Burdick


During the first part of March the Lake Mead National Park had just been closed to “Pleasure  Seeking Adventures,” which included enjoying wild flowers on federal land. However some believe that wildflowers are Essential in our “Pursuit of Happiness.” About this time I received a call about a desert run, destination unknown.

As we left town we wound around over to the gas line road, then over to the powerline road, through the back yard to the sandy wash, to the narrow canyon. We were not being trailed. 

“Do you know where we are?” “Yes – but I have no idea how we got here.”

Among the yellow and white flowers were petroglyphs. As we continued toward the lake the flowers’ colors were changing at different elevations. The cholla cactus needles looked soft and the beaver tail were loaded with bright pink flowers.

We had lunch up the lake on a beach and headed back. All protocol was followed so we could come back again soon. Thankful for a great day.   ~ Dave