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2019 - DE Meeting minutes , 12-7-2019

DE Meeting Minutes

Saturday, December 7, 2019

We had a brief meeting before the DE Holiday Party at the Wicker’s:

Meeting Open 12:05 p.m.

Regrets Vicki Hill & Dave McFarland, Mignon Slentz, Steve Jarvis & Kate Fosselman, Bob & Sue Jaussaud

Attending Allan & Ding Wicker, Ron Lipari, Marian & Neal Johns, Terry & Eileen Ogden, Bill & Julie Smith, Axel Heller, Jerry Dupree, Dave Burdick, Bill Neill, Nelson & Mari Miller, Emmett & Ruth Harder, Debbie Miller-Marschke & Steve Marschke, Jean & Sunny Hansen, Dave Mendenhall.



Previous Minutes Approved

Treasurer Bill Smith reported that we have a current bank balance of $4,636.48 and we have sent a $500 donation to the museum as planned.

Newsletter Jay Lawrence reported that the newsletter is in good shape and please keep sending in your stories and photos.

Rondy Bob Jacoby and the Jerry Dupree reported that we have reserved the Elks Lodge for Saturday dinner and will have a local guest speaker. A block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express was available at reduced rates but going fast.

Website Website is doing well, being updated regularly and sees a lot of traffic. Suggested we get Crazy Suzy a gift card for the holiday for all the great work she does for us.

Museum Nelson Miller reported that concrete and foam construction would be used on the museum expansion project which would start in the first quarter of the new year.

Trips Trip list in newsletter is up-to-date. Add Dave Hess to leaders for the Piute Mountains trip with Marian Johns. This will include a Tehachapi area loop. Additional trips discussed were Idyllwild area, Saline Valley, Arizona Peace Trail (Bill Smith) this spring. Several also mentioned avoiding Joshua Tree NP due to the current crowds. Marian Johns also mentioned a possible Santa Ana River trip in the summer.

New Business Tabled

Next Meeting Saturday, February 1st in Lytle Creek.

Meeting Adjourned 12:35 p.m.