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2019 DE Meeting minutes

DE Meeting Minutes

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Meeting Open 11:45 a.m.

Regrets Bill Smith, Deb & Steve Marschke, Mal & Jean Roode, Jean & Sunny Hansen, Bob & Sue Jaussaud Attending Dave Burdick, Ding & Allan Wicker, Bob Jacoby, Nelson Miller, Jay Lawrence, Marian & Neal Johns, Dolly & Jerry Dupree, Ruth & Emmett Harder, Julie Smith, Larry & Annette Green.

Previous Minutes Approved Treasurer Bob Jacoby reported for Bill Smith that we have a current bank balance of $5,322 and recommended sending our proposed second $500 donation to the museum as planned. It was already voted on earlier in the year,  so the donation was quickly approved. Newsletter Jay Lawrence reported that the newsletter is in good shape and please keep sending in your stories and photos.

Rondy Bob Jacoby and the Duprees will be heading to Pahrump on Monday to check the facilities and finalize arrangements. Bill Neill has already put an inbound trip together with a talk in Shoshone and a geology field trip. More details will be available at the next meeting. Registration form needs to be in the newsletter by the January issue.

Website Deb couldn’t make it but is working to bring the website up to date. Museum Nelson Miller reported that the Mini BBQ will be on Wednesday. Museum is renewing its lease for 20 years. Hilburn estate sale is moving ahead and will help museum expansion project. Trips Do another MRVM museum work party in November or January. Jacoby trip to Experimental Forest will require high clearance vehicles but not 4WD. Trip list in newsletter is up-to-date. Dave Burdick suggested more local day trips into San Bernardino Mountains area.

New Business Bob Jacoby announced he will be stepping down from his chairman positon at the end of the year. Bob, Marian Johns and Ruth Harder will form a nominating committee.

Next Meeting Saturday, December 7th Christmas Party at the home of Ding and Allan Wicker.

Meeting Adjourned 12:35 p.m.