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2019 - Trip Report - Two Week Alaskan Cruise

Two Week Alaskan Cruise

by Mignon Slentz

In July my friend Robin and I were lucky enough to be the recipients of a free Holland- America cruise on the Amsterdam from Seattle, north to Alaska. We were originally supposed to accompany my elderly parents on the trip but my dad fell and broke his hip the month before. They cancelled but we didn’t!

First stop in Ketchikan where my friends met us and promptly took us to their daughter’s work place, The 49er Bar where I discovered I really like Bloody Marys.

We walked laps around the ship every morning to get in our 2 miles. Food was plentiful and good. We mainly walked around the different towns we docked at, sightseeing, shopping and always trying to have a beer in each “famous bar.”

It was my first time to visit Sitka and enjoyed the churches and Russian architecture. In Kodiak I got to meet for the first time a 2nd cousin of mine, Dake who is a fishing guide, photographer and tour guide. He actually took the photo of a cub eating a salmon that is on Kodiak’s visitor’s guide. ~ Mignon