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2019 - DE Meeting Minutes, Saturday July 20, 2019

Meeting Minutes Meeting Open 11:45 a.m. Regrets Deb & Steve Marschke, Mal & Jean Roode, Bill & Julie Smith, Bob & Sue Jaussaud Attending Neal & Marian Johns, Eileen & Terry Ogden, Ding & Allan Wicker, Jean & Sunny Hansen, Daniel Dick & Bobbie Sanchez, Nelson Miller, Axel Heller, Steve Richards & Esther, Jerry Dupree, Bob Jacoby Previous Minutes Approved Treasurer Bill Smith reported in absentia that the bills are paid and we have a balance of $5,350. Newsletter Jay Lawrence reported Saturday, July 20, 2019 everything is OK and thanks for the submissions. Don’t forget to get your free DE bumper stickers and business cards. We got ‘em, you need ‘em. Website Debbie was absent but the website is glorious and up-to-date. Museum Nelson reported that Bob Hilburn has passed on and left his collections to the museum. The museum is building an annex to the library and needs a cleanout party for Bob’s house. Rondy Pahrump looks like the place to go next year. Marian and Bob researched the Saddles West Casino for a Rondy HQ. No tent camping on-site, but plenty of areas close by. Special room rates promised at $75 per night, RV sites at either $26 or $32. There was some confusion and it will get sorted. Activities may include winery tours, Ash Meadows trip, Death Valley trips, Pahrump Museum and local trails. Jerry Dupree and Bob Jacoby will be going to check it out and get all the details. Trips We thrashed out a laundry list of trip ideas and matched up leaders for them. Most need more planning, but you can see the results of our labors on the trip calendar page of the newsletter. Next meeting Saturday, September 21 at Ding and Allan Wicker’s home. Adjourned 2:30 p.m.