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2019 - Trip Report - Neal and Marian's New Blackbird?

Neal and Marian’s New Blackbird?

By Jean and Sunny Hansen

On Saturday, June 15, we went with Neal & Marian Johns to tour the March Airfield Museum, near March Airfield in Riverside County. I wanted to go so I could get a close-up view of the SR-71, also known as the Blackbird. We first toured the indoors portion of the museum which contained a great display on World War I and World War II, including uniforms, flight suits and airplanes (and, of course, the Blackbird). Then we signed up for the tram tour of the grounds to get a close-up view of all the aircraft on display and there were a lot of them! Our tram driver was a very knowledgeable former pilot (both military and commercial) who really knew his aircraft. We all had a very good time and would highly recommend anyone visit this museum. ~Jean & Sunny