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DE General Meeting - Saturday May 11 2019

DE Meeting Minutes

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Photos by Allan Wicker

Meeting Open 11:50 a.m.

Regrets Jerry Dupree, Julie & Bill Smith, Deb & Steve Marschke, Mal & Jean Roode

Attending Ding & Allan Wicker, Jean & Sunny Hansen, Bob Jacoby, Nelson Miller, Steve Richards, Marian & Neal Johns, Bobbi Sanchez & Daniel Dick.

Previous Minutes Approved

Treasurer Bill Smith reported in absentia that we have a current bank balance of $5,159 and 103 memberships. It was moved and passed to accept his report.

Newsletter Jay Lawrence reported that the newsletter is healthy and photos for the bit Route 66 trip are rolling in. Bob Jacoby promised his trip report soon.

Rondy All agreed this was one of our best ever and wished Mignon a huge “Attagirl” for her planning and leadership to pull it all off. Also a big thanks for trip leaders Glenn Shaw, Jerry Dupree, Nelson Miller, Mignon Slentz, Bill Neill and Bob Jaussaud. With the wild success of Bob Jaussaud’s river trip it was suggested that we look for a “special” trip on that scale for each Rondy if possible. Possibilities  for the 2020 Rondy were floated, including Pahrump, 29 Palms and Lone Pine. Bob Jacoby will be checking out 29 Palms and Pahrump and report back. Lone Pine is known, since we held a Rondy there a few years ago.

Website Great job Deb and Crazy Suzy! Newsletter material through April is up, Deb took photos of DE members at the Rondy to fill in some of the blanks. Museum Nelson reported that the Barbecue was held last weekend, with a turnout of 25 more dinners served than last time. Cliff ran the barbecue practically by himself! Bob Hilburn passed away and left his collections to the museum. Plans are in motion for building projects. Current building size is approximately 2000 square feet. Plans Nelson and crew are currently working on a computer inventory of the library and maps. It’s a huge job. There is a vacancy on the Board. There was discussion of another donation to the Museum from DE which was generally approved, but will wait for Bill Smith to discuss and finalize. Also discussed was a donation to the Boulder City Museum.

Trips Three trips on the books currently, with several in the hopper being planned. Ron Lipari is doing a four day trip in the Eastern Sierra, Nelson is doing the East Mojave Trail sections 3 & 4 and Bill Powell is planning an Applegate Trail trip. Marian suggested a trip on the upper portions of the Santa Ana River if still possible. Bob Jacoby will take another shot at doing his dirt road trip north of Santa Barbara. Nelson suggested a trip to Monument Peak and Silverwood Lake. There was discussion of a Beale Road themed trip next year, through Arizona starting at Fort Mohave. Also discussed: a repeat of the well received San Andreas Fault trip from Brawley to Whitewater (needs a geologist, Allan Wicker may know a guy). Possible trip in Fall to Carrizo Plain. Discussion of developing  new leaders, maybe getting David Hess in Bakersfield to lead something in his area.

New Business Let’s do a run of new DE shirts! Rancho Cucamonga printer was used last time by Neal & Marian. Ding suggested we pursue a local special interest trip at the Rondy, maybe the local fire or police service to talk about their special skills, needs and equipment. Additional suggestion was a tour of a nearby military base, but this was deemed unlikely since bases have upped security requirements so dramatically since 9/11. Next Meeting Saturday, July 20th at Neal & Marian’s in Lytle Creek.

Meeting Adjourned 1:10 p.m.