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2019 - Trip Report - Tour of Boulder City

Tour of Boulder City

Participants were Ruth and Emmett Harder, Kate Fosselman and Steve Jarvis, Mal Roode and myself. First stop was the federal inspection station on the way to the Bridge Walk. Since Emmett’s truck bed had a cover, he was waved over to a special inspection site. Watching in our rear view mirrors we hoped he wasn’t telling the agents a story about his using dynamite in the mining industry. On to the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge.

It can be very windy on the bridge, evidenced by a plethora of hats scattered all over the nearby cliff.

Holding on to his Stetson, and looking towards Hoover Dam, Emmett wanted to see the bridge and asked where it was. “You’re standing on it” was the reply.

Next stop was a scenic lookout of Lake Mead. We also visited The Hoover Dam Lodge and watched a short informative video of how the Dam was built. We stopped at the museum in the historic Boulder Dam Hotel and then drove to The Heritage Museum in Henderson to tour a group of furnished historic homes on a tree-lined street. Boulder City’s original train depot is housed there also. After touring the visitors Center and several of the houses, everyone was getting tired so we detoured to my home for lunch.

 ~ Mignon Slentz