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Museum Work Party Thanks!

Museum Work Party Thanks!

Thank you all for all the work that was done for the Museum Saturday! It is very much appreciated.

The electrical work and installation of the lighting fixtures by Bob, Ron and Axel was especially helpful.

Bringing over the display cases from storage, cleaning and setting them up and redoing some of the displays by Mignon and Glenn will improve visitor experiences.

Sue did a terrific job in cleaning and preparing the front office area for the shift of the credenza and then putting it all back together again.

Also thanks to Sue, Ken, Steve, David, and Board Member Phil Hara for all the work on the topo maps, inventorying and cataloging the maps.

Thanks to Ken, Glenn, and their helpers in moving the credenza and setting up the new desk area.

Thanks to Ron for putting up the Dumont sign.

Thanks to all the guys, including Museum President Brent Gaddis, in relocating the farm equipment.

Thanks to Steve for trimming the tree/bush so the Strap Iron Jail is much more visible from the street.

Thanks to Brent and Jessica for working on cleaning up in the back storage room.

Thanks to Jesus (our 14-year old volunteer) for working so hard in the yard and working on setting up the donated computers.

Thanks to Museum Secretary Christine Toppenberg for providing support.

Thanks to Pat Schoffstall, Katie Boyd, Sue, and Mignon for donuts and food.

Thanks to Glenn and Ron for donated office chairs and Glenn for a hand truck.

Thanks for all the miscellaneous tasks that got done by everyone just pitching in and getting it done!

Not to be forgotten, thanks to Scott Walker and the Walker family for allowing us to relax Saturday evening and spend the night at Paradise Springs. It was a great finish to a good day’s work!

Thank you all! ~Nelson Miller