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Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes Dec 15, 2018

Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2018

Attending: Bob Jacoby, Bill & Julie Smith, Ron Ross & Nancy Maclean, Neal & Marian Johns, Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Steve Jarvis & Kate Fosselman, Ellen Miller, Nelson & Marie Miller, Daniel Dick & Bobbie Sanchez, Terry & Eileen Ogden, Emmett & Ruth Harder, Steve Marschke & Debbie Miller Marschke, Joan McGovern White, Glenn Shaw, Jerry & Dolly Dupree, Jay Lawrence, Mignon Slentz, Allan & Ding Wicker, Vicki Hill & Dave McFarland, Anne Stoll, Ken Searer, Danny & Norma Siler, Axel Heller, Genmarie Wentworth, Anne Yibing Bai, Bill Neill & Gwen Albright.

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Meeting Opened 12:10 p.m.

Previous Minutes Approved.

Treasurer Reported by Bill Smith. We’re solvent and in good shape. Current funds are $4,312.32 and Rondy HQ fee is paid. We have 154 members, up a bit from last year. Motion made and passed to donate $500 to Mojave River Valley Museum.

Newsletter All good in the hood. Get your red hot DE business cards and bumper stickers. They’re free!

2019 Rondy Mignon has arranged our Rondy HQ in clean, green Boulder City in Broadbent Park. The multi-use facility is reserved for our pot-luck dinner Friday and catered dinner Saturday. Camping is available nearby at Lake Mead National Park for $10 with a Senior Pass. The Elks Club has a nearby RV park, the Hoover Dam Best Western has given us favorable rates for DE members. 20 rooms are reserved with a 10% discount. Food choices for Saturday dinner will be Pot Roast or Chile Rellenos (vegetarian) along with all the trimmings. BYOB, alcohol is permitted, water supplied. Saturday speaker will be Pete Mays, Hoover Dam Tourguide Extraordinaire on the history of Hoover Dam and Boulder City. DE trips are in the newsletter trip calendar, but there are many more local trips to experience and sights to see.

Website Need to make sure Crazy Suzy Johnson, our webtech lady is on the newsletter mailing list! Website is up to date through November with December material coming soon.

Subscriber Guide Tabled.

Museum Deb and Nelson reported several pieces donated by Bob & Marilyn Martin are now displayed. There is a new archive building coming. Pat is giving up some of her duties and needs additional help with museum tasks. MVRM is struggling a bit to find people to help run the organization and the facility. Nelson Miller is now on the MVRM board of directors. There will be a fundraiser to house the library. The museum has the BEST bookstore on Mojave Desert material anywhere! The museum is open 11-4 every day except Christmas, Thanksgiving

at Paradise Springs and a Sunday desert trip. Germaine Moon dolls are getting lots of views now that they are well displayed thanks to DE members! The museum electrical system needs some updating, good folks are needed at the upcoming work party who can work with conduit and junction boxes. Bob Jaussaud and Bill Smith said they could help in this area.

Trips Jerry noted upcoming trips and is looking for more. Always more.

Upcoming trips:

  • • Nelson Miller - January 12 Afton Canyon & Old Arrowhead Trail
  • • Nelson Miller - March 9th Lucerne Valley area Southern California Rocket Club launch event.
  • • Fred Raab - San Diego/Imperial county area trip. No dates yet.
  • • Death Valley Area - Emmet Smith will follow up with Matt
  • • Route 66 - Axel pre-ran, details are in the December newsletter.
  • • Back way to Panamint Valley on east side of Red Mountain (maybe) - Emmett Harder and company
  • • Bill Powell - 4-5 day trip, Winnemucca area June or July.

Next meeting March 2nd at Neal and Marian Johns’ home in Lytle Creek.

Adjourned: 1:15 p.m.