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2018 - Trip Reports - Anne & George Stoll Explore Brazil

Anne & George Stoll Explore Brazil

I have wonderful shots of birds, flowers, rock art, and other fabulous Brazilian wonders to share with you – so what do I pick to show you first? CABYBARAS. What can I say? They are just such excellent creatures. We saw lots of them, despite the fact that they one of the jaguar’s favorite foods. They’re maybe the size of a pig but actually a relative of a rodent. On the river in the Pantanal, they feel safest in water and spend a lot of time there – but when it’s safe they also do OK on land.  They have partially webbed toes, good fur, funny little slit eyes and don’t say much – sometimes a little bark, but thats it.

Lower left: an early-morning grooming session. Note the black bird sitting on this upturned Cabybara? Well, it’s picking bugs out of the delighted creature’s fur. The bird lights on the standing Cabybara and soon it lies down and rolls over – what did the bird say? – and next thing, the capybara is stretching its silly feet out in pure bliss. How can you not love cabybaras?