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Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes

Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2018  Attending: Axel Heller, Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Ruth & Emmett Harder, Steve Marschke & Debbie Miller-Marschke, Lindsay Woods, Terry Ogden, Allan & Ding Wicker, Jerry Dupree, Neal & Marian Johns, Tracy Wood, Bob Jacoby, Jay Lawrence


Regrets Bill & Julie Smith

Meeting Opened 11:40 a.m.

Previous Minutes Approved.

Treasurer Reported by Bob Jacoby for Bill Smith. We’re solvent and in good shape. Current funds as of 9/25 are $4,727.

Newsletter Newsletter submissions are flowing in and much appreciated. Bumper stickers and DE business cards were distributed to everybody in attendance. Get yours at the Holiday Party or see Jay. You need to get them in person, since they get beat up terribly in the mail. We’ll make them available to every trip leader in the future so all attendees who want them can have them. They are free to DE subscribers. Our February meeting will have a software demo to show folks who are interested how the newsletter goes together. Also, anybody who would like to learn how should contact Jay to set up a hands-on session. It’s easy to get started and we could use an extra hand now and then for backup and to build a page once in a while. Several folks have already expressed interest in learning.

2019 Rondy Mignon is leading the planning, with Jerry Dupree and Bob Jacoby in the wings. Our site is the Clubhouse Meeting Room in Broadbent Park in Boulder City, Nevada. Dates are April 5-7, 2019. The site will accommodate 120 people and includes a kitchen, restroom, barbecue and chairs. Two campgrounds are nearby in the national park, plenty of hotel accommodations also. We will work to find a motel who will offer a Desert Explorers discount for Rondy attendees. Lake Mead National Park campground is also nearby. We will have a 

dinner speaker who will talk about the building of the dam. There are many trip opportunities in the area. One will be to the famous Walking Box Ranch between Nipton and Searchlight. Other possibilities are El Dorado Canyon, Black Canyon, Keyhole Canyon petroglyphs and a private mine tour at the Techatticup Mine. Details will follow as the date approaches.

Website Deb reported that the site is doing well and up-to-date.

Subscriber Guide Tabled.

Museum Deb reported that there have been several break-ins in August, money was stolen and the culprits arrested. Extra cameras have been installed for more protection for the site and museum workers. Mike Boltinghouse’s new book on Pre-Route 66 has been derailed until he can secure rights approval for the maps. He will be doing a presentation at the November MVRM meeting. Bob Jacoby suggested that we continue our MVRM work parties in the future, perhaps several times per year. The last one, headed up by Nelson Miller was a grand success and much appreciated by the museum. Plus, it was a good time! It was moved and seconded to give the work party leader a petty cash allowance for on-site necessities and hardware purchases. Unanimous approval.

Trips Jerry noted upcoming trips and is looking for more. Always more.

Upcoming trips:

  • • Jerry Dupree - San Andreas Fault, Living Desert & 1-2 nature preserves
  • • Fred Raab - San Diego/Imperial county area trip in the planning stages. No dates yet.
  • • Death Valley Area - Emmet Smith will follow up with Matt
  • • Route 66 - Axel pre-running, will report in November newsletter. 
    • • Back way to Panamint Valley on east side of Red Mountain (maybe) - Emmett Harder and company
    • • Talked about Fisher’s Landing day trip, jet boat upriver, historic sites, canoe back. Room for 25 people from Martinez Lake Jet Boat Tours. Info from Deb, Neal says “You’d better listen to my floozy!” so I guess we had better listen... Stay tuned.

    New Business Bob and Sue are researching the Route 66 closure near Danby. Reminded everybody that October 6th was Old Spanish Trail Days.

    Next meeting December 15th including our annual Yule Foolishness Gathering at Ding and Allan Wicker’s home.

    Adjourned: 1:00 p.m.