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Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes 7-28-2018

Meeting Minutes July 28th, 2018

Attending: Bobby Sanchez & Daniel Dick, Terry & Eileen Ogden, Ruth & Emmett Harder, Marian & Neal Johns, Jerry & Dolly Dupree, Sunny & Jean Hansen Jim Watson & Linda Stevens, Bob Jacoby, Jay Lawrence

Regrets Deb & Steve Marschke, Ding & Allan Wicker, June Box, Nelson Miller, Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Bill & Julie Smith

Meeting Opened 11:48 a.m. Previous Minutes Approved. Treasurer Reported by Bob Jacoby for Bill Smith. We’re solvent and in good shape. Current funds as of 7/25 are $4,948. We have 87 subscriptions, approximately 143 folks when you add in active family members. We should push for more subscribers, possibly printing newsletters to have on hand at the Museum for visitors. DE cards and bumper stickers are forthcoming. More news at the next meeting.

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Newsletter Newsletter is going well. Please keep sending your articles and when you send in photos, don’t shrink them. 1.5-3Mb photos are excellent and still fit nicely as an attachment for an email. If you have a ton of them, contact Jay Lawrence for a DropBox link so you can easily upload a big batch.

2019 Rondy Our next Rondy will be in Boulder City with the planning being done by Mignon Slentz. She already has the site nailed down with clubhouse and camping. There are plenty of motels in the area for non-campers. Currently there are two inbound trips, but more will be forthcoming as the date approaches. We’ll have an update at the next meeting.

Website Deb reported through Bob Jacoby that the site is doing well and up-to-date.

Subscriber Guide Tabled. Museum It’s summer break and the Museum newsletter and programs are dormant until Fall. There will be a MVRM Mini Barbecue September 26th. Pat is currently cataloging all the museum photo albums (24 of ‘em!) onto a huge spreadsheet. She has seven done so far. Trips Jerry noted upcoming trips and is looking for more. Always more. Upcoming trips:

  • • White Mountains & Chalfant Petros
  • • Sequoia Groves - Nelson Miller
  • • San Berdardino Mountains - Danny & Norma Siler
  • • Third Segment of the Mojave Heritage Trail - Nelson Miller, probably in October
  • • Death Valley Area - Emmet Smith, no dates yet
  • • San Diego County area - Fred Raab, no dates yet
  • • Route 66 - Bob Jacoby, no dates yet• Back way to Panamint Valley on east side of Red Mountain (maybe) .Emmett Harder and company
  • New Business Sad to report on the passing of Rob Fulton, long time keeper of the flame at Zzyzx. He went too soon and is missed by all who knew him.

    Next meeting September 29th, at Ding and Allan Wicker’s home. Adjourn: 12:30 p.m.