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2017 - Trip Report - Motherload Mine

Motherlode Mine

Saturday, March 25

By Mignon Slentz

On March 25, a group of 16 DE members, friends and neighbors got a private tour of the latest mine acquired by the Werly family at Nelson in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada.

We arrived at the complex at 9 a.m. and were each outfitted with a hard hat and flashlight. Documents had to be

   filled out and we literally had to sign our lives away - no kidding!

After listening to an interesting history of the mine and the area, we boarded a bus that looked right out of a Mad Max movie. The drive to the mine site was about 2 miles away .

When the mine shut down years ago the entrance was dynamited shut. The entrance and exit are now accessed through two air shafts.

I won’t ruin it for those of you who might want to take the tour- but there is water, boats, bats and lots of artifacts. Requirements are a minimum of 16 people, no children and a cost of $25
per person.

If you haven’t been to Nelson
lately there are lots of new additions - old vehicles, mines, buildings and artifacts.              ~ Mignon