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Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes, February 11, 2017

Desert Explorers Meeting Minutes February 11, 2017

Attending: Dave Burdick, Daniel Dick & Bobbie Sanchez, Barbara Midlikoski, Mal Roode, Bill & Julie Smith, Jerry & Dolly Dupree, Bob Jacoby, Steve Jarvis & Kate Fosselman, Neal & Marian Johns, Nelson Miller, Sunny & Jean Hansen, Terry Ogden, Allan & Ding Wicker, Jay Lawrence.

Meeting Opened 11:45 a.m.

Previous minutes: Approved.

Regrets Nan Savage-Healy, Debbie Miller-Marschke & Steve Marschke

Treasurer Bill Smith has taken the bit in his teeth and reported balances in Paypal, savings and checking totalling $5,011.73 including a small profit from the Rondy and $303 from the Silent Auction. A big thank you to auctioneers Bob Jaussaud and Steve Marscke! Great job on the Rondy Jerry Dupree and Bob Jacoby.

Newsletter Bill Powell volunteered to lend a hand to back up the newsletter assembly. He currently has a complete newsletter and all the ingredients so he can see how he likes the software and if he needs any help learning it.

Subscriber Guide No new news, but Mal Roode, Bill Smith, Bob Jacoby and Jay Lawrnce are digging into it.

Museum We are currently trying to get a system together to keep up-to-date on MVRM memberships. Bob Jacoby will talk with Pat Schofstal. Also noted that all future DE checking accounts should be company accounts rather than personal to ease turning over signers when DE leaders change.

The museum is in need of volunteers. They have a lot of pieces but the exhibits have not been updated in a very long time and there are many things that need to be repaired or tuned up, particularly the displays. There are nine board seats and currently three or four of them are vacant. They also need docents, the research room and the huge historical photo collection needs organization.

Discussion on setting up a work trip and museum cleanup in May or early fall, possibly including camping at Paradise Hot Springs. The museum is struggling. Jerry moved to donate to a museum building fund. The motion passed unanimously. It was noted that they have funds, but not enough hands.

Website Deb reported via Bob Jacoby that the website is up-to-date including trips and the PayPal subscription system.Thanks, Deb and Crazy Suzy!

News Welcome to Dave Burdick from Corona who described himself as a ‘desert rat’ for the last 45 years. He enjoys desert history and currently drives a Jeep Rubicon.

The Old Spanish Trail Association will have 16 speakers at its national conference in Barstow October 5-8. It will be held at the Quality Inn.

Rondy Unanimous accolades on the success of the 2017 Rondy and many attaboys for Jerry Dupree who put the whole thing together from the getgo. The location and facilities were great, we had a bunch of trips, now where are we going to have the next one? Trona was mentioned but lack of facilities would be an issue. Ballarat and Ridgecrest were also mentioned. Barbara Midlikoski knows the area well after having lived in Ridgecrest for a number of years. She suggested the Fairgrounds for a site and the Carriage Inn for catering. We had a successful Rondy there in 2004. Bob Jacoby will give it an initial look and report back.

Trips Nelson is running his Stoddard Mountains trip on the 22nd and Bob Jacoby will run his Santiago trip on June 10. Nan is working on a possible May trip to the William S. Hart museum and maybe dinner at the Rock Inn. Nelson asked that if you have a place you would like to explore, let him know and he would research it. Bob Jacoby is contemplating a Fall trip on unpaved old sections of Route 66. Big Bear area trips from Bill Mann’s book on that area might be some good possibilities.

New Business Bob Jacoby will stay on as Chairman now that Bill Smith has taken over the Treasurer duties. There was unanimous approval and a general sigh of relief to accompany the applause.

Next meeting Ding and Allan Wicker’s home Saturday July 8th, 11:00 a.m.

Adjourned 1:00 p.m.

Movie! We all got to see Steve Jarvis and Kate Fosselman’s excellent new full length documentary The Women in the Sand and it was excellent! Steve and Kate obviously poured their considerable talents into every bit of it and it shows at every turn. All who saw it were wowed and wished them luck on the national and international film festival competitions. It is both powerful and beautiful. Very nice work indeed.