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2017 - Trip Report - Bradshaw Trail Rondy Inbound Trip

Bradshaw Trail Rondy Inbound Trip

March 10, 2017  • by Jerry Dupree

I have driven the Bradshaw Trail from the Salton Sea to Ripley before, but it was several years ago. This time I was to “lead” a trip by starting about midway between the two and thought I would recognize all of the landmarks and we reviewed the BLM map at the kiosk at the beginning of Summit Road. We met up at the Patton Museum parking lot and everyone arrived within minutes of each other. The trip was attended by Jerry and Dolly Dupree, Allan and Ding Wicker, Will and Julie Smith, Bret Heinrich, Terry and Eileen Ogden, Leonard and Hannah Friedman. Allan volunteered to be the tail and watch over us to be sure we didn’t have any stragglers. The trip proceeded east and we got off I-10 at Red Cloud Road so we could intersect Bradshaw. I took a wrong turn on the Red Cloud mine road, which went about ten miles and dead ended. As embarrassing as it was, it turned out to be the most scenic part of the trip. It cost us some time, but we did get to the Bradshaw Trail. The road parallels the Naval Gunnery Range and is plainly marked. We proceeded eastward and then determined we were running short on time. It was decided to head toward I-10 by way of Wiley Well Road which runs near the Ironwood and the Chuckwalla state prisons. We didn’t miss much scenery except a rough spot through a mountain pass. The scenery on Wiley Well Road was very nice. There is a modern campground near the intersection of Bradshaw Trail and Wiley Well road. I am mentioning this for future reference if anyone is interested in visiting the area.

The trip continued without incident and we arrived at the Rondy in Blythe on time. ~ Jerry