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2017 - Trip Report - Whipple Wash

Whipple Wash

Trip Leader Bill Neill

We had 13 participants in eight vehicles: Bill & Gwenn Neill, Nelson Miller, Barb Midlikoski, Deb & Steve Marschke, Janet & Peter Austin, Anne & George Stoll, Jim Watson, Joe Preiss, Steven Faulstich. Photos by Bill Neill and George Stoll.

Group photo at our lunch stop in Whipple Wash, surrounded by volcanic rock about 20 million years old. (photo by George Stoll using my camera)

From our lunch stop, we hiked a quarter-mile up Whipple Wash to a large cave in the volcanic rock.

The cave is named Skull Cave on Bob Jaussaud’s GPS device, but neither the Internet nor two BLM offices have knowledge of it.

The cave is about 2.5 miles from Lake Havasu and presumably was occupied prehistorically, but has no evidence of occupation.

View from cave interior of metamorphic terrain further upstream that’s separated from overlying volcanic rock by a horizontal fault that’s the main subject of geologic interest.

                         ~ Bill