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2016 - Trip Report - Tejon Hills Flower Fest

Tejon Hills Flower Fest

By Bob Jacoby • March 25, 2016

Photos by Mal Roode

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words and that is definitely the case with wildflowers in the spring. That is why this trip report will be relatively short so that you can spend your time looking at the pictures of the incredible wildflowers on display on March 25th in the Antelope Valley portion of the Tejon Ranch.

Our group of 14 Desert Explorers met at the 300th St entrance to the Tejon Ranch complex. This is in the heart of the Antelope Valley. Among the attendees were myself, Nan
Healey, Leonard and Rebecca Friedman, Bob and Sue Jaussaud, Peter Austin , Danny and Norma Siler, Gerry and Dolly Dupree, Sally Kinsey and Rob Day, and the ubiquitous Mal Roode. There to greet us was Tejon Ranch docent, Scot Pipkin, who immediately informed us that was the best wild flower showing in at least ten years.

From the beginning it was obvious that the theme of the day was going to be flowers, flowers and more flowers. We saw multitudes of red ones, purple ones, yellow ones and blue ones. We didn’t have to travel on the ranch dirt roads very far to see this awesome display in its full glory.  For many of us, this was the best wild flower display we had ever seen.

During the course of this great day, we stayed on the ranch land in the Antelope Valley and did manage to see some sites other than the beautiful flowers. For instance, as we progressed to slightly higher elevations we passed through an outstanding Joshua tree forest. Some of the trees were in bloom adding to the spectacle of the day.

We also passed several springs and ponds, observing the endangered tri-colored blackbird cavorting in the water. These birds can make a lot of noise as they attempt to mate in the riparian areas. Another great sight was a herd of pronghorn antelope  running at top speed in the valley floor off in the distance.

We lunched at a beautiful spot and continued to snap memorable pictures of the scenery. This was the Desert Explorers fourth trip to the Tejon Ranch and we are looking to make this an annual event. Unfortunately, our leader docent, Scot Pipkin, is moving to New Mexico but he has referred us to new leaders to contact next spring. We are looking forward to that, but I doubt that this years’ wildflower scene will ever be topped.