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2016 - Trip Report - Greenwater Habitation Site


Mike and I went to this fantastic site several years ago, so we decided to hike it again at the Rondy. Two intrepid souls signed up for the trip, probably due to the fact that the trip write up stated that the hike was six miles over rough and rocky terrian, and assuming we could find the site again, it was over rough and rocky terrain!! Mignon Slentz and Bob Jaussand joined Mike and I on the hike.

We quickly found the trail as it is marked by fallen power poles that were erected from Death Valley Junction at the T&T Railroad siding to the town of Greenwater at the turn of century during the copper boom – which was more of a bust. There is not much of a trail to follow, so we followed the path of the fallen power poles. Three of us had been on the hike before including Bob, Mike and myself. Unfortunately our memories are fading into obscurity.

We followed the poles and missed the point at which the trail climbed over the ridge, even though the entire trail was marked by many petroglyphs showing the way to the habitation site. The oldest among the rest of us youngsters remembered going high on the ridge, however, alas we found ourselves in the wash below the habitation site. The oldest among us took the lead and went straight up the steep canyon where we thought we would find the site. It was not there. Frustrated, the younger three stopped and contemplated our plight!

Meanwhile, the oldest among us moved forward climbing the canyon to find the habitation site. After the oldest disappeared, the younger three decided to follow him. As we climbed, in the distance we observed the oldest among standing atop of the habitation site!! The youngters shouted hooray with glee while the oldest took shade and seat in the shade of the habitation site. We found many pictos and six morteros at the site as well as numerous flakes. We fed the oldest lunch - his significant other made him lunch but he had fogotten it at home. We all rested, drank and ate, however, after what seemed a very short time the oldest was rejuvinated and got up to find the next pictograph cave that contained many pictos and was near several tenajas. The three youngest, exhausted by the hike, continued to rest till we heard a shout from the oldest... the pictograph cave is here!!! The youngest reluctantly got up and went to the cave - which contained many pictos and a nice shady rest area for the group. After taking many pictures the oldest stated we need to get back, and this time the group hiked back taking the high trail over the ridge. We quickly found the trail with admonitions from the oldest among us to stay high!

The point on the trail that entered the valley to go home was marked by many petros!! We continued to hike out with the youngest leading, however, even after having been through the canyon earlier, the younger men decided to go up to the wrong pass! The oldest among us stated the pass is over here, and he was right. We got back to the car unscathed and immediately drove to the RV park to soak in the warm pool!! I think I need to start the habit of doing sudoku problems each morning to get my brain and memory stimulated. It seems to be working well for Bob. Thanks to Mike, Mignon and Bob, for making a great hike memorable!