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2015 - Desert Explorers Rondy Recap

Rondy Recap

by Bob Jacoby

Despite a little bit more adventure than planned on one Saturday trip, everyone seemed to have a great time at the Lone Pine Rondy. We started with two interesting inbound trips. Bob and Sue Jaussaud, as usual, led an extensive two day inbound trip. That got everything off to a good start. In addition, a group of us did an inbound trip on Friday through the wild flower covered Coso Mountains. Both groups arrived at Boulder Creek in Lone Pine in time for the evening pot luck dinner which was held in the clubhouse. Steve Marschke and Bob Jaussaud had plenty of time to successfully setup the silent auction on Friday night.

On Saturday morning attendees had the choice of three different trips. Bob Jacoby led a guided tour of the Lone Pine Museum and the Alabama Hills. Steve Jarvis led an amazing trip to Cerro Gordo and Ted Kalil led a large group to the Mazourka Pass area. After a full day of dirt road activity everyone returned to Boulder Creek for the catered BBQ dinner. (The Mazourka Pass folks got back a little late, but still got to partake.) After dinner we heard from an excellent speaker, Jim Jennings, who talked about the sites to be seen in the Owens Valley. Jim is a retired BLM employee who has lived for many years in the Lone Pine area. The weather cooperated and we were able to dine and hear the speaker outside without much wind. Right after Mr. Jennings spoke the Mazourka Pass group finally arrived to the relief of everybody. The final event of this very busy day was the closing of the silent auction. Thanks to Steve and Bob for another successful auction.

Sunday morning there was a choice of two trips. Marian and Neal led a trip to Darwin while Nelson Miller led a very interesting trip to the Centennial Wash area south of Highway 190. These two trips capped another fun and educational Rondy weekend. We are already looking forward to next years’ Rondy and would like to hear from anyone who has suggestions for a venue.