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2015 - Return to Namibia, part 3

Return to Namibia Part 3

 By: Anne Stoll (Part 1 and 2 were in the September 2014 DE Newsletter)


Dear Ones,

Still pondering what we had seen, we bid Olli and the Wüstenquell farewell, packed up the rented Nissan X-Trail, and moved on to our next lodge, the Rostock Ritz (all lodges booked online, by the way). Except for a few short stretches of sand, dirt roads in the Khomas Hochlands west of Windhoek are easy and almost empty. Only an occasional pickup truck appeared, coming from a ranch or from one of the three big uranium mines in Namib-Naukluft Park (the Rossing Mine is the big employer at present). Namibia is amazingly rich in mineral resources, as several big Asian countries know very well indeed. We headed southwest through Kuiseb and Gaub canyons to reach Kückis Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge, another surprising, delightful place with rock art. Our room is No. 2 on the right.

Among other passions, Kücki has a suricate (meerkat) rescue program and has built an ingenious pen with tunnels for them at the lodge. Here are three rescued meerkats under the quiver tree at feeding time. Alas, the only male in the group recently escaped and headed for parts unknown, accompanied by two females. That leaves the clan back at the lodge hoping for more rescues if they are to build a breeding colony for later release. Seems people get baby meerkats as pets, then discover their unattractive qualities when the little darlings reach puberty – sound familiar? Here's the lobby at the Rostock Ritz with Kückis blind dog. Had fun watching the Netherlands beat Mexico in the World Cup in the lounge here. The dog was unimpressed.

We took the easy hiking trail laid out behind the lodge. Saw the all-time biggest scorpion ever – a meerkat delicacy! Next, on to the Oase rock art site.


Return to Namibia Part 4

By: Anne Stoll

Kücki, our host at the Rostock Ritz, among other numerous talents, does one heck of a sundowner. But first the three of us headed out into rough red rock (rost stock) country in his ancient Land Rover to see the Oase rock art site. DStretch did well here. We were able to show Kücki something hed never seen before, the pink rhino behind the orange kudu cow. Some really odd ones at this site. Black male kudu and muscle man.

This figure is a therianthrope – part human, part animal. Note the feet and tiny toes and the costume details, such as the thick belt. Maybe a feline head or?