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2014 - Shamen's Eye, Lava Tube and Arch

Shaman’s Eye, Lava Tube and Arch

Saturday, December 20

By: Nelson Miller

Thank you to Ted Kalil and Gary Preston for pre-running this trip with me! We had a small group on this Saturday before Christmas, consisting of Mal Roode, Bob Jacoby, Nan Savage Healy, and Leonard Friedman. This was way better than shopping!

     We took the I-15 to Baker and then south on Kelbaker Road to 17 Mile Point where we branched off on the Mojave Road for a few miles past the youngest lava flow in this lava field which may only be about 1,000 years old. These volcanos are therefore still classed as active! At Aiken Mine Road, we turned toward to the Lava Tube which we explored. Bob Jacoby brought his hard hat, which I wish I had, since I smacked my head pretty good. At Aiken Mine, Mal was pretty amazed at all the equipment and sorting conveyors, imagine that!

 From there, it was on to the Lava Arch, where there also pictographs and petroglyphs. It was an overcast day, which was nice and cool and provided perfect lighting to really bring out the petroglyphs. We also observed the Indian Trail which Bob Jaussaud had previously pointed out to me.

     Then, it was time to head for Shaman’s Eye, a window in a volcanic neck rising high above the desert floor and the “eye” races across the desert floor as the sun sets when it is near the winter solstice. It was actually past time, since the sun came out at this point and we raced for the eye. Alas, we missed it by about ten minutes! So, I will have to try again next year. If you go plan to be around the “Eye” by 3:30 p.m.. This works for a few weeks on either side of the winter solstice. Some of us stopped at the Mad Greek for dinner before heading home.