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| Written and photographed by Marian Johns | Trip Reports

2014 Trip report - Rendezvous - Outbound to Ibex Spring & Saratoga Spring

Outbound Trip to Ibex Spring and Saratoga Spring

Sunday, April 6

By Marian Johns

We headed out about 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning in the general direction of home after a fine weekend at Longstreet’s Inn and Casino. South of Shoshone and Ibex Pass we turned off on a fairly easy dirt track west to Ibex Spring and the remains of a mining camp which our Mojave River Valley Museum monitors. Several tall palm trees grace this place. They are supported by the spring which is located up behind one of the buildings and is partially covered. After inspecting what’s left of the buildings and other remnants, we continued on to Saratoga Spring. The track down there is definitely a 4x4 “road” because of a few spots of deep sand. Since it was about noon when we arrived, we ate lunch and then made the short walk to inspect this lovely oasis. It’s surprising to find so much water in such a dry area.

     Although we could have gone on to see Sheep Springs and the little cabin at Salt Basin, everyone elected to call it a day an head home – Neal and me included.