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| Written by Jean & Sunny Hansen | Trip Reports

2014 Trip Report - Rendezvous Woods Mtn / Pahrump Area

Woods Mountain/Pahrump Area

Saturday, April 5

By Jean & Sunny Hansen

Trip participants: Sunny & Jean Hansen, Glenn Shaw, Dave McFarland, Vicki Hill, Terry & Eileen Ogden, Mal Roode, Christian Duelk, Bob Peltzman, Bill, Barbara and Augie Gossett and Glenn Shaw.

     We had great weather for our trip into the Woods Mountain area near Pahrump. To get to our destination required about 8 miles one way of fairly bumpy road, interspersed with some downright difficult sections, which everyone seemed to enjoy. I guess the Desert Explorers are just naturally adventurous.

     The first part of the trip was to a scenic canyon with a few petroglyphs and the second part of the trip was to a very interesting and beautiful old ranch house/cabin. Prior to our arrival at the ranch house, we met a group of quad and motorcycle riders who assured us that we definitely could not make it up the remainder of the road to the cabin. Of course, we just took that as a challenge and as it turned out, we had no problems and had a great time.

     We were all back in camp in plenty of time for happy hour and the evening’s entertainment.

     It was a very nice day with a lot of wonderful people.