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2014 Trip Report - The DE Rendezvous in Armagosa Valley, Nevada

Thank You, Ruth!

There were many people who worked to make this year’s Rondy a success. Most of them were mentioned at our catered dinner Saturday night. However, there was one person that wasn’t recognized and that is Ruth Harder, our chairperson. In addition to her regular duties, this lady did a fantastic job of planning, organizing and taking care of myriad details – which included making arrangements for the catered dinner and a discount for the rooms and camping. I know she made a gazillion phone calls, plus, she and Emmett even made several trips up there on our behalf. Because of Ruth, I believe this year’s Rondy a great success and came off with a minimum of unexpected problems. So, THANK YOU, Ruth for an outstanding event!

Please see the photos, which were contributed by Allan Wicker and Alan Heller ( Click Read more, below)