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2013 Trip Report - Spur of the Moment Utah Trip

Spur of the Moment Utah Trip

By Sunny & Jean Hansen

Sunny and I decided to take off to Utah to do some sightseeing and catch up on a few rock art sites. We started out by spending the night outside of Mesquite, Nevada in BLM territory. During happy hour, we happened to notice movement in the creosote bushes about 200 feet away. We got out our binoculars and saw a family of foxes! Mother and father fox were sitting there watching us, while at least 3 babies were frolicking around the creosote bush where we assumed they had a den. Pretty soon, mother and father fox trotted off, leaving the babies alone. We spent the next hour watching these cute little guys play with each other. We were surprised to see that they were much lighter in color than their parents.

     The next morning we proceeded to Torrey, Utah area, where we spent the next 2 days, hiking and looking at rock art. From there, we went to Hanksville for some more catch-up hiking and looking for sites we had skipped on previous trips. We finally ended up near Halls Crossing in Utah and took a dilly of a hike to see some more rock art. The hike in consisted of going down switchbacks on a huge pink sand dune, then a few miles down the canyon. That was all good, until we retraced our steps and had to hike back UP the sand dune. Of course, the temperature was in the 90’s that day. Let’s just say that we were both glad to get to happy hour that evening.

     We spent a couple more days in Utah, just being tourists and finally returned home tired, but happy.