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2012 Trip Report - DE Rondy Recap and Photos

DE Annual Rendezvous 2012

Needles, Californina

April 13, 14, 15

By Marian Johns

I would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Rondy in Needles for your  support. And I would also like to thank all who helped in some way make this a  memorable weekend. Some of the folks did double duty – helping in more than one  way. They are:


¨ Bob  Jacoby – money collector and list of participants’ keeper 

¨ Bob & Sue Jaussaud – my Needles’ contact, silent auctioneer and inbound trip leaders

¨ Mary & Charles Hughes – also my Needles’ contact, leaders of Saturday and Sunday  trips

¨ Mary  Hughes – helping set up the Silent Auction Friday while Joso was leading the  inbound trip

¨ Steve & Debbie Marschke – silent auctioneer and Saturday trip leaders

¨ Dave  Given (hope you’re recovering from your fall) & Bob Rodemeyer – inbound trip  leaders and Saturday trip leaders

¨ Neal & Marian Johns – Sunday trip leaders

¨ Ron  Ross – Saturday night program – his impressive presentation about his  grandmother, “The Girl from Williamsburg”

¨ Jim  Proffitt – (good to see you up and about) video maker of Ron’s program

¨ Donators  and purchasers of silent auction items

¨ Everyone  who helped clean up after the meals

     Please forgive me if I omitted anyone – it’s not intentional.

     The weather certainly wasn’t what I expected. I was afraid it might be too  hot. Instead, I wore my down jacket part of the time. Despite the rain, I think  everyone preferred it to the scorching temperatures that are typical in Needles.  It rains so seldom in the desert, I was quite happy to “endure” the cool weather  and a little moisture. Sue Jaussaud reports that the following weekend it was  106 in Needles. We lucked out!

     I believe, the RV park was a good location; I’m just sorry we didn’t have  more customers for them, but I understand that gas prices ($4.00+/gallon) and  the charge for an RV site ($30/day) made choosing a motel a no brainer. This is  a problem we should consider when choosing next year’s Rondy venue.

     I heard only positive comments about Saturday night’s catered dinner. And I  heard that Gaelord Bek (catered dinner chef and RV Park owner) appreciated his  birthday card and flying machine gift.