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2012 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - The Jaussaud's Inbound Trip

2012 Rondy Trip -Inbound to Needles

Friday, April 13 , 2012

Leaders: Sue and Bob Jaussaud

  As  Snoopy would begin this tale, "It was a dark and stormy night"...  But wait!  That describes the END of the trip, when raindrops splattered our windshield as  we descended Eagle Pass into Needles after a full day sharing our recent desert  discoveries. (Thanks are due here to Mary and Charles Hughes, who accompanied us  on several scouting trips in the weeks before the Rondy.)

     When the group queued up at Essex Friday morning, we could see the storm  clouds gathering in the West. All day we were just ahead of the storm that had  miraculously dumped the desert temps by 20 degrees or more. Turned out, we were  soooo lucky, as of this writing (just a week later) the temperature on our patio  has climbed to 106 degrees.

     Our hikes to Honeymoon Spring (little bit of water) and Granite Tanks (lotta  water!) were much more enjoyable in the cooler weather. After crossing the Ward  Valley, we made quick stops at the Edna Lode, the Gold Ace Mine, the Big Chief  Mine and the Shirley Anne Mine. We also visited other digs and habitation sites  before our rush to Happy Hour over Eagle Pass.

     Many thanks to Mignon Slentz for sharing her chocolate-peanut butter  "wonder bars" with everyone at lunch. Also, many thanks to Mike Vollmert, Jeff  Lipari and Ron Lipari for sweeping the entire trip. Lastly, thanks to those who  joined us on this adventure including Nancy Maclean, Ron Ross, Terry and Eileen  Ogden, Neal and Marian Johns, Mal Roode, Daniel Dicks and Bobbi Sanchez, Nelson  Miller, Bill and Barbara Gossett, Debbie and Steve Marschke, Jim Watson with  friend Julie, and Sunny and Jean Hansen. What a great group to travel with!