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Prior Trips List

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 January 11 - Inscription Canyon (Black Canyon), lead by Nelson Miller


Ghost Mountain, Anza Borrego by Vicki Hill


April 4-6 Annual DE Rendezvous - Amargosa Valley, Nevada


     Inbound : Amargosa River, Sperry Wash & China Ranch by the Johns


     Rhyolite, Bullfrog, Leadville, and Titus Canyon by the Johns


     Woods Mountain, Pahrump by the Hansens


     Chloride Cityby Mignon Slentz


     Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge by the Harders


     Outbound : Ash Meadows, Longstreet Spring & Cabin, Devils Hole by Glenn Shaw


     Outbound : Ibex Spring, Saratoga Spring, Sheep Spring, Salt Basin by the Johns


Cambodia, Ankor Wat by Anne Stoll


China Lake Petroglyphs, April 6, by Siler & Midlikoski

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January 19 - 20 Ibex Springs, Death Valley CA - lead by Ted Kalil

March 1 - 3 Annual DE Rendezvous - Zzyzx, CA. 

     Inbound : Turquoise Mountain, CA - lead by Bob & Sue Jaussaud

     East Mojave Geology (Mojave Preserve) - lead by Bill Neill

     East Mojave hike -lead by Sunny & Jean Hansen

     Cady Mountain Canyons (Mojave) - lead by Marian Johns

May 17 -23 MOE - Central Nevada

May 11 Mojave River Valley Museum 47th Annual Barbeque

August 3 - General Meeting - photos

August 23 - 25 San Bernardino Mountains, CA - lead by Ted Kahil

Nevada (near Gerlach, Monitor Valley, Tonopah) - lead by Neal Johns

Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (Africa) - by Ann Stoll

Baja, Mexico - by Neal Johns

October 7 - 9 Beef Basin, Utah - lead by Christian Duelk

October 11 -13 Gemorama in Trona - lead by Debbie Miller Marschke

October 26-27 Desert to Sierras, Giant Sequoias - lead by Danny & Norma Siler

November 9 - 11 Paria Valley, Utah - lead by Mignon Slentz & Shane Somers

December 15 - Annual Christmas Party


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January 20 - 22 Camp Rock (Rodman Mtns) - lead by Ted Kalil

February 18 - 19 East Mojave Heritage Trail First Segment - lead by Neal Johns

March 23 - 25 Anza Borrego Wildflowers - lead by Deb Miller Marschke

April 14 - 15 San Andreas Fault - lead by Bill Neill & Bob Jacoby

April 13 -15 Annual DE Rendezvous, Needles CA

     Inbound: Eagle Pass - lead by Bob & Sue Jaussaud

     Inbound : Route 66 - lead by Dave Given & Bob Rodemeyer

     Lost Arch Inn - lead by Dave Given & Bob Rodemeyer

     Turtle Mountains - lead by Deb Miller Marschke

     Gold Dome Mine & Jackpot Springs - lead by Charles & Mary Hughes

     Outbound: Mojave Road - lead by Charles & Mary Hughes

     Outbound: First Segment of the Heritage Trail - lead by Neal & Marian Johns

May 5 -6 Spring Mountain Range, NV - lead by Glenn Shaw

July 21 - 22 White Mountains, CA - lead by Jay Lawrence

August  Sitka, Alaska by Mal & Jean Roode

August 10 - 12 San Bernardino Mountains - lead by Ted Kalil

November 3 - 4 Tehachapi, CA - lead by Bob Jacoby

November 24  - December 1 Arizona - by Mal Roode

December 15 Annual Christmas Party

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Jan 20 -26 Quartzsite


Sri Lanka and Southern India


Feb 11 -14, Southern Nevada lead by Dan Messersmith


Feb 19 -20, Piute Mountain Wilderness lead by Mal Roode


Desert Explorers Rendezvous, Anza Borrego


     Inbound – Travertine Point, lead by Marian Johns


     Borrego Wildflowers, lead by Allan Schoenherr


     Truckhaven, lead by Ted Kalil


     Carrizo Canyon, April 2, lead by Jean Hansen


     Tapiado Mud Caves, lead by Alan & Claudia Heller


     Crossover Trail, April 3, by Ted Kalil


Neal John’s Uneventful trip to Northern Arizona


May 14-15, Mountain Meadows Massacre Site, Utah, by Ruth Harder


Hannah Friedman’s video about the DE


Mina, Nevada, lead by Wild Bill Gossett


Galapagos Island by Allan Wicker


San Bernardino Mountains, lead by Ted Kalil


Neal Johns Lost Again in Nevada


Japan, by Allan Wicker


The SugarPine Trail, by Jean Roode


South Africa by the Stolls


Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show


October 13 16, Death Valley by Jon Cox


October 22, Cajon Pass History, lead by Bob Jacoby & Nick Cataldo


November 19 – 27, Arizona by Mal Roode


Annual Christmas Party


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El Paso Mountains, Feb 20-21, by Johns/Hansens

DE Rendezvous, March 19 – 21, Death Valley Junction

Kingston Wash & Mountains, by Marian Johns

Echo Canyon, Mar 20, the Johns/Hansens

China Ranch, March 20, lead by Mignon Slentz

Gold Valley and Deadman’s Pass, Mar 20, by Bob Dodds

Ash Meadows & Devil’s Hole, Mar 21, by Marian Johns

Dublin Gulch and The Ash Beds, by Vicki Hill

Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump

Grass Valley Wilderness, April 10, by Bob & Nancy Dodds

Tibet, May 3 -17, by Marian Johns

Vanderbilt and East Mojave Homesteads, May 7-9 by Debbie Miller

Baja, by Neal Johns

Panamint Mountains, May 22-23, lead by Emmett Harder

Mono Basin, June 18 – 20, by Allen Schoenherr

Arizona Strip, Sept 3 – 10, by Dan Messersmith

San Andreas Fault, Oct 16 -17,

Temple Bar MOE, Oct 22 – 25

Fenner Valley, Nov 6 – 7, leady by Joe DeKehoe

Burro Creek MOE

Dolan Springs MOE

Neal Johns appears on the News

Annual Christmas Party

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Quartzsite, Jan 22-26, by Dan Messersmith

Willow Beach, Feb 22, lead by Dick Taylor

DE Annual Rendezvous, Nipton CA, March 20 – 22

Inbound- Needles to Nipton, March 19, lead by Bob Jaussaud

Inbound -Cow Cove Petroglyphs, lead by Deb Miller

Rosalie town site, lead by Bob & Nancy Dodds

Highland Mountains, March 21, lead by Jean Hansen

First Segment Heritage Trail, lead by Neal Johns

The Legendary Kokoweef Mine, lead by Deb Miller

Alamo Road, March22 – 25, lead by Dan Messersmith

Baja,March 24-29, by Neal Johns

Seligman Williams Loop, April 17-19, by Dan Messersmith

Anza Borrego

Wiley Well, April 25 by Bob Dodds

Twentynine Palms, lead by Bob Jacoby and Nan Savage

Arizona Strip, May 20 – 27, lead by Dan Messersmith

Catalina Island backcountry 4WD, June 6-7,lead by Nan Savage

Williams AZ area, June 12- 14,lead by Dick Taylor

Wickieup, AZ, July 11, lead by Dan Messersmith

San Bernardino Mountains, July 31 – Aug 2, lead by Ted Kalil

Wyomings Red Desert, by Marian Johns

Hualapai Mountain Lodge, Aug 9, lead by Dan Messersmith

Drum Barracks, August 22, lead by Debbie Miller

Dolan Springs, Oct 10

Bristol Dry Lake, Oct 17 -18, lead by Joe DeKehoe


Gold Butte, NV, Nov 13-15, by Dan Messersmith

Desert Bar & Swansea,Dec 5-6

Joe Elliott Tree, Dec 5, lead by Marian Johns

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Hector Mine and Cadiz Farms, lead by Emmett Harder

Afton Canyon, Feb 22-23, lead by Bob Dodds

The Mojave Road, March 14-16, by Neal Johns

DE Annual Renezvous, Shoshone CA

     Inbound, Orofino Mine, lead by Dave Given

     Sperry Wash, lead by Debbie & Steve Marschke

     Emigrent Canyon, April 12, lead by Emmett Harder

     China Ranch and Amargosa, April 13

     Ibex Springs, Cabins, Rock Alignments,lead by Marian Johns

El Paso Mountains, May 3, lead by Bob Jacoby

Southeast Asia

Cadiz Dunes, as told by Deb Miller

Blue Ridge Truck Trail, lead by Marian Johns

White Mountains, July 19-20, lead by Jay Lawrence

Williams, AZ, Aug 7

Utah, Sept 13-21, by Dan Messersmith


Kofa Mountains, Oct 18-19, lead by Vicki Hill

Valentine and Truxton, Oct 26, lead by Dan Messersmith

Calico, Oct 18, lead by Bob Dodds

Coyote Buttes & The Wave, AZ by Deb Miller

Annual Christmas Party

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Panamint City, by Deb Miller

Anza Borrego Wildflowers, by Schoenherr and Romspert

Annual DE Rendezvous, Amboy CA

San Gabriel Mountains

Burro Schmidt Tunnel

White Mountains Bristlecones

Mt Baldy,

Goldstone Deep Space Center, Sept 15 lead by Bob Dodds


Chuckwalla Mountains, lead by Schoenherr & Romspert

Miller’s Cabin Spring, lead by Steve Marschke

Antelope Canyon, by Ron Ross

Coyote Butes, by Ron Ross

Arizona, Dec 26 to Jan 2

Annual Christmas Party

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(no reports)

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Southern Sequoia ,July 16-17, lead by Marian Johns & John Page

Panamint Mountains, South Park, lead by Alan Romspert

El Rosario Festival, Mexico, July 22-24 by Neal Johns

DE Rendezvous, Apple Valley CA

Bodie, Sept 16-18, lead by Gary Thomas

Chloride AZ, Route 66

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Orocopia Mountains, July 16-18, lead by Schoenherr & Romspert

Little Petroglyph Canyon, April 25

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DE Rendezvous, Anza Borrego

     Arroyos Loop, March 1, lead by Marv Patchen

     Outbound Arroyo Seco Del Diablo, March 2, lead by John Page

Pinto Mountains, March 8-9, lead by Alan Romspert

Baja, Neal Johns breakdown and rescue

El Mirage, April 5-6, by Bob Martin

Wildflowers, May 11

Owyhee River, May 26- June 2, lead by Marian & Neal Johns

Nevada and Idaho, by Marian Johns

Mojave National Preserve, March 15, lead by Deb Miller

Kern River Plateau

High Flats, Aug 20-25

The Panamints, Sept , lead by Alan Romspert

Eureka Saline Valleys, Oct 13-14, lead by John Page

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Anza Borrego, April 4-10, lead by John Page

Miller Jeep Trail, June 22, lead by Robb Anderson and Ana Romero

Secret Lake, July 13-14, lead by Robb Anderson


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Kofa Montains, Feb 17 – 19

Trout Creek

Jail Canyon, lead by Ana Romero and Robb Anderson

Panamint Dunes, lead by Vicki Hill

Titus Canyon

Arizona and New Mexico, lead by the Johns

Southeast Oregon, July 23-28

Calico, Dec 15, lead by Robb Anderson

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DE Rendezvous, Shoshone CA

     Baker to Shoshone

     Sperry Wash, lead by Vicki Hill

     Plants, lead by Alan Romspert

     Chappa Springs, lead by Ken Sears


Edmond C. Jaeger Nature Sanctuary, April 14-15, lead by Reda Anderson

Anza Borrego, lead by Ana Romero and Robb Anderson

San Juan Mountains, CO, lead by Bob Martin and John Page


San Sevaine trail

Panamint Mountains

Cajon Pass

Hungry Valley, Dec 2, lead by Steve Bein


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Anza Borrego Loop, April 17-19, lead by John Page

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Southern Death Valley, Oct 9-10


White Mountains, July 24-25, lead by Alan Romspert

Hauser Geode Beds, Nov 13-14, lead by Reda Anderson

Afton Canyon

El Camino Del Diablo, Mexico