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2011 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous -Crossover Trail

Crossover Trail

Sunday, April 3

Leader: Ted Kalil

This was one of two runs offered as an outbound trip, and was attended by  Neal, Marian, and Felice Johns; Glen Shaw; Allan Wicker; my wife Sue and our dog  Cole. Rick and Sharon Cords had also signed up but with the damage to their  camper tie down the previous day, they decided not to come. We missed them but  Rick made a good decision - they might well have suffered further damage.

At Christmas Circle, we took the road towards SH 78, passing by the amazing  statues of pre-historic animals that grace that area. After getting on to SH 78,  we subsequently turned off into the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation  camping area, then along Quarry Road to the Shell Reef Expressway. This is not  really an expressway, just a dirt road, but it’s big as local dirt roads go. We  passed a recreational sand dune area, Blow Hill, and later stopped to view the  placards at Shell Reef. It is so named because of the prolific existence of  former marine life found there. Long, long ago (even before my time – maybe not,  I can’t remember), the sea extended to this area and there were subsequent  upheavals. No wonder so much shell life can be found, and we observed some from  samples left there.

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A little further on we stopped briefly to watch the motorcycles and ATV’s  climbing the surrounding challenging hills, and Allan took some pictures. From  there we continued on to the Cross Over Trail, which basically bisects this  area, running north and south and connecting SH 78 with S 22. At Tule Wash we  headed up to the Pumpkin Patch, where spherical rocks have been formed by water  and wind. The State also had a kiosk there with rangers showing indigenous  prehistoric bones of a jaguar and black bear. We were informed that those bears  stood over six feet high on all fours, and the rangers showed us a femur from  one of those bears to prove it - probably not a Gentle Ben.

Back down Tule Wash to the Cross Over Trail again, ending up at the camping  area just south of the S 22 below the hill, an area improved with ramadas and  toilets. At this point, Glen and Alan discussed whether to have lunch, Marian  and Neal headed on home, and Sue and I went back to the resort to reclaim our  motor home. Many thanks to all who came. I didn’t hear any grumbling, but is  that a good thing?