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| Marian Johns | Trip Reports

2011 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Inbound


By Marian Johns

Nine vehicles assembled in the (east) Indio TA’s  parking lot at 10:00. Our Desert Explorers participants included: Shirley and  Bob Bolin, Joan and Ted Berger, Sharon and Rick Cords, Rebecca, Leonard and  Hannah Friedman, Cathy and Richard Kenny, Ron Lipari and son, Jeff, Harry Ogden,  Sue Landon and Bob Peltzman, and us (Marian and Neal Johns).

The first stop was near the below-sea-level site of  Travertine Point just off Hwy. 86S. We were able to drive right up to the  encrusted rocks of the ancient shore of Lake Cahuilla. The rocks are covered  with a marine growth residue which makes their sharp edges appear rather soft  and rounded. Suddenly, we heard familiar voices on the CB – Sunny and Jean  Hansen, who just happened by, decided to join us.

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On down the highway a short distance, we turned off  for a tour of Palm Wash. Since it was nearly noon and really warming up, we  opted for lunch in the shade of the overhead highway bridge. This was about the  only shade big enough for our group anywhere within in a considerable distance.  After lunch, we drove up Palm Wash which is a pleasant, easy drive. However,  when it came time to exit we made a wrong turn somewhere and found ourselves  facing a definite four-wheel, low-range climb. We all made it in our (mostly  stock) vehicles.

Our next destination was a visit to the Borrego  Springs large metal sculptures which can be viewed from Borrego Springs Road,  both north and south of Christmas Circle. There is quite a menagerie of  prehistoric animals that once roamed this region such as: elephants, camels,  saber-tooth tigers, llamas, sloths, tortoises, tapers, wart hogs, horses, and  dinosaurs. Modern creatures included big-horn sheep, a padre with his dog, a  prospector and his mule, grape pickers, Juan Batiste de Anza on his steed and  even a 4-wheeler in his Jeep! Half way through our tour of the sculptures,  Marilyn Martin and son, Michael appeared and joined us too.

We arrived at the Palm Canyon Resort about 3:00, in  time to relax a bit and clean up before the yummy Friday night potluck - so many  choices, so many calories!