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2010 Trip Report - Dolan Springs (MOE)

Dolan  Springs Hike & Ride

December 18 & 19 2010

By Sue Baughman

The Dolan  Springs weekend adventure considering the crappy weather and it was the week  prior to Christmas, it went well.

 I got a call  from Glen Shaw in Blue Diamond, NV inquiring about the weekend. But the weather  changed his mind.

On Saturday,  For the hike we had 5 brave souls show up at the 13th trail head:  Bob & Andree  Duncan (they needed a relaxing hike after her son's wedding), Chet Beavers, Jim  Brown and myself Sue B from Dolan Springs. We walked a portion of the Sue B  trail, then connected with the T & Carl Schroder Trail, picked up the southern  portion of the Cholla Trail to the newly built Lost Mine Trail which brought us  back to the 13th Trail head.  It was a brisk 2-hour walk. 

Sunday the  weather was still crappy but we still had 6 adventuresome souls in 3 rigs show  up at the B7B restaurant at 9:00 a.m. for breakfast. We departed about 9:45 a.m.  for the trail heading up Pierce Ferry Road to the Diamond Bar Road to the road  just before the Reservation gate.  We turned left then drove to the old Dude  Ranch and followed the road until we came to a split. The split took us to the  main road. Well we followed a different road and came out by the Indian  Reservation fence line back tracked and continued north where we came to the  National Park boundary. This time we drove through the gate and followed the  road up a steep limestone trail until we lost sight of the road.  We got out  walked around and decided that if there was a road we didn't care to pursue in  the cold nasty weather. On the way back Buck saw what looked like caves above  some corrals and he said that he wanted to check the caves out (I knew it would  be quite a walk up) but I said go for it and he did. He found out that he was a  little out of shape for the climb. Since the weather was crappy we didn't go up  to the overlook and saved that next time.

The following  were on the trip Sue Baughman, Leader; Buck & Karol Buckler; Al & Evelyn Tobin  and Marie Hedirck.