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2010 Trip Report - Buck and Doe Run -(MOE) day trip

Buck and Doe Run
October 30, 2010
By Sue “Itchy foot” Baughman

The following took the great “Itchy foot” adventure: Sue Baughman, Leader; Haul & Mary Reddick, Sweep; Julie & Joe Stevens; Ellen Miller; Shelly Lossing; Debbie  Frain; Buck & Karol Buckler; Ingrid Purder; Elke Meister; Donna & Dennis  Robinson; Cathie & Gary Myers; "O" & Nan Russell; Jim Byrne and Ava & Ken Todd.  Two dogs also joined us Scottie and I didn't the name of the other.

The plan of the day was to meet at the Peach Springs Hualapai Lodge, Diamond  Creek restaurant, at 8:30 for a 9:30 departure. Well, “Murphy” came on this  trip. The fearless leader thought it would be faster to go via Stockton Hill Rd,  since Ingrid & Elke lived closer to Stockton Hill Rd. so we arrived about 15 min  late.

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 On Friday, I had called to reserve a table for the group. When we arrived some  were already eating, some were waiting and some of the group came in later for  coffee. Since it was time to get on the road I just asked for a go box for my  breakfast burrito.
We had 11 vehicles departing the Lodge at about 9:45, back tracking to Buck &  Doe Rd. It is no longer a narrow dirt road which I took by mistake 20 years ago  when I drove out to Guano Point (long before Grand Canyon West). Well, now the  road is paved, then it turns into a hard gravel, then a wide dirt road. Being  the lead vehicle Elke and I spotted two young does along the way.
As we neared the intersection with the road to Grand Canyon West we found the  road is now paved. Since it only took us 2 hours to cross the Reservation, I  decided to take them on a tour of the Diamond Bar Ranch and headed toward the  most western end of the Grand Canyon.
Since the last time I was out this way (many years) NPS has erected a fence  (this area is known as the triangle). There was a gate we could have gone  through but decided that I would rather take them up the “Staircase” to see the  overlook. (A journey through the gated area can be another trip exploring  Diamond Bar Ranch). We stopped at the corral for lunch and explored the old  ruins. After lunch we were off toward the overlook (again it had beed several  years since I had been in this area) just before we came to the “Staircase” I  recommended that Ellen park her Subaru and ride with somebody. Shelly opted out  she was getting low on gas and she had a carburetor that could not take steep  grades. We headed up the “Staircase” and found it an easier climb than last time  (I did suggest that they go in low gear). On top you can get views of the  Arizona Strip (Grand Canyon - Parashant National Monument). We drove past the  pond where there were a lot a of cattle. I saw a road going to the left that  looked fairly good (I should have taken it), but opted to take a 2-track to the  right. Beautiful drive but we came to the NPS fence. There was a 2-track going  along the fence, but not knowing where it ended we decided not to follow.
By this time it was 3:00 p.m. some folks were watching their gas gage so we  opted to head home. Some of us stopped off at the Grand Canyon West Ranch  (Diamond Bar) for beer. Well, since I was there last, you now have a $5.00 entry  fee, which will buy you a beer or go toward food (unless you want a Corona beer  then it's a dollar more). I found out that they have new management so I will go  back on Sunday and conduct business (I sell Joshua, Ocotillo and Poppy Seeds).

A good time was had by all.